AAC’s 2024 Calendar

2024 is a promising year. At AAC, we’re excited about what we have in store for our learners and community. From thrilling volunteering opportunities to the much awaited classrooms and Cardiology Hospital construction projects, we have our sleeves rolled back and our hands out, ready to lift up our community! Here’s a snippet of what the AAC 2024 calendar looks like.

Groundbreaking of the AAC First Classroom Block

For many months, our learners have endured an unfavorable learning environment while pursuing their dreams. Our tent-made classrooms are uncomfortably hot under the scorching sun and feel frozen during the cold seasons. The tents don’t withstand strong winds either, not to mention that they aren’t the safest places to leave learning equipment such as sewing machines and computers, out at night.

That’s about to change this year. We invite you to support our course as we begin construction for our first classroom this February. Help us give our learners a safe and conducive learning environment, well equipped with electricity supply, whiteboards, lockers, classroom furniture, and more.

Building AAC’s first classroom block and the implementation of the first Cardiology and Medical hospital are the two biggest projects this year. However, the two projects may not be implemented concurrently, given the financial weight they carry. Hopefully, the latter project will be underway as soon as the first AAC classroom block is completed. 

Volunteering Opportunities

We are excited to extend an invitation to volunteers from Europe, America, and around the world to come join us in nurturing our talented learners. At AAC, we’re committed to providing quality vocational education to our learners to enable them become independent individuals through gaining life-sustaining skills.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by sharing your expertise in different fields with our students. We’re currently offering courses in computer and graphics; tailoring, textile, fashion and design; beauty, cosmetics, and hairdressing; and art and craft. We’re also introducing solar energy installation and management training, among other courses, into our curriculum.

Whether you’re a mentor, tutor, career counselor; or a health enthusiast with a passion for serving a community of marginalized and vulnerable people, there’s something for you. You’re welcome to contact us through mail, or call us at +256783875347 to collaborate with us.

Curriculum Revamp

Our 2024 began with an induction meeting with officials from the National Certification Examination Council who enlightened us on curriculum and examination guidelines. The officials mentored our tutors on good exam practices and gave us tips on things to do to improve our curriculum. With this knowledge, we’ve reviewed and improved our curriculum, and we’re also planning to introduce new courses to broaden our spectrum.

Additionally, our pioneer class will be registered for their first national assessment examinations in March and will sit these exams in November. There’ll also be three continuous internal assessment tests for the rest of the learners scheduled for the first weeks of April, September, and December.

Besides learning, our curriculum includes sports in every term of the school year. AAC first participated in sports in October 2023 when our netball team competed in friendly matches with neighboring institutions. This year, the learners are eager to participate in soccer, volleyball, mind game matches, among other sports. 

Entrepreneurship and Commercial Seminar

Our goal as a vocational institute is to prepare skilled and market-ready individuals who are capable of starting their own business ventures after school. As a result, we’ll hold our first entrepreneurship and commercial seminar to prepare our finalists for the real world. We’ll have speakers from different entrepreneurship sectors who’ll guide the learners on how to start successful businesses while putting their knowledge and skills to work.

The first entrepreneurship and commercial seminar will be held in October this year. In the subsequent years, it will be part of our culture and we may hold more than one seminar in a year. Additionally, the seminar also opens more opportunities for volunteers to take part in mentoring our learners about entrepreneurship, business tips, ideas, partnerships, investments, and more.

Leavers’ Send Off

Finally, our pioneer learners will sit their final national exams in December 2024 and receive their results in March 2025. Although this will mark the end of their two-year course and marvelous school days at AAC, it will be the beginning of a new life of self-sustainability. On the other hand, this cohort is AAC’s first graduate class since its inception. For this reason, AAC, in collaboration with our sponsors and wellwishers, plan to hold a decent send off party for this class at the end of the year. 

Additionally, AAC plans to award this class with business startup requirements to enable them kickstart their brand new sustainable life after school. This may include financial assistance, distributing equipment such as computers, sewing machines, and so on.

Educational and Recreational Retreat

The best part of our school year is spending time out of class with the students on a retreat. In 2023, we had an amazing time at Nabugabo Beach where our learners enjoyed boat rides, beautiful scenery, and more. This year will be bigger and better. The educational and recreational retreat will include an educational workshop and team building challenges to explore the learners’ critical thinking and decision-making abilities.

And when 2024 ends, our hearts will be full of gratitude looking back at the many lives we’ll have impacted together. Happy 2024!

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