About Us

Africulture Art Centre Organization is a Ugandan registered Community Service Organization located in Kyabakuza – Masaka City along Masaka -Mbarara road. This organization’s main goal is inclusively uplifting and skilling boys, girls, women, and the disabled in various sustainable Art, Vocational skills as well as health development programs.

Our Background

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, its impacts on the education sector in Uganda have been evident. Uganda’s roadmap to achieving vision 2040 agrees that education is one of the vital mechanisms of achieving economic growth and development through empowering human capital.

Unfortunately, this vision is blurry as many hopeless young people, including the disabled, the vulnerable girl child, and the poor, have no access to education. The pandemic and its aftermath are gradually making a bed of illiteracy for the young people in Uganda, and if not fixed, they’ll be forced to lie on it.

And that’s what the Africulture Art Centre (AAC) seeks to address. AAC is the brainchild of a team of like-minded acquaintances led by Charles Muwonge, an industrious youth focused on impacting positive change in the communities. Having seen the gaps left by lack of education and the decreasing zeal for mainstream education, Charles and his team found a solution in nurturing talent.

Through the Africulture Art Institute, Charles hopes to fulfill his long-term dream of reaching out to the youth, women, disabled, and vulnerable groups of people living in the district of Masaka, Central Uganda, and beyond.


AAC Uganda aims at empowering the young people through offering Art, Talent and Vocational Skills Training and Development in a number of areas including:

  • Art and Craft
  • Computer Graphics and Design
  • Hand Craft works and Mosaic Art
  • Textile, Tailoring, Fashion and Design
  • Music and Music Production

As a non-for-profit organization, AAC is reliant on support from well-wishers and donors for funding to help facilitate the trainable areas, sponsor our eligible trainees, and grow the organization to achieve bigger and better dreams for the community.

Join us in preparing and establishing our foundation as our doors open on December 6th, 2021 in Kyabakuza, off Mbarara Road, next to the Mariana Gardens, Masaka City, Uganda. Your support is the very hope every youth in our program is believing in.

Some of the team members of AAC in a meeting

At the Intersection of Skills and Development


Empower the young generation through nurturing art and talent and offer improved health programs to monitor the development trend of self, family, community and country at large.


To provide quality Training, Education and Health and Development programs guided by both theoretical and practical approaches through the fields of Art, Talent, and Vocational Skills training as ways to positively and sustainably impact individuals, families, communities and the country at large.