Almsgiving Season

What is Almsgiving?

The Lent season is one of the significant times many Christians of the Catholic faith around the  world practice almsgiving. It reminds them about the teachings of Jesus Christ on being merciful and mindful of the poor and people in need. It also strengthens their faith and builds their connection with like-minded people around the world. 

Why is Almsgiving Important?

Almsgiving isn’t just a seasonal practice. It’s an integral part of humanity that can help you become a better person. Some of the benefits of almsgiving include:

  • Helping you begin your journey to becoming a better person
  • Strengthening your spiritual relationship 
  • Improving your health and well-being thanks to its numerous health benefits
  • Increasing your social connections around the world
  • Boosting your emotional wellness by relieving stress 
  • Giving you a sense of belonging

And much more.

How Can You Start Almsgiving?

There are many ways you can start giving alms. For example, you may identify a needy family near you or a home for seniors near you and offer services such as cleaning, doing laundry, or spending quality time with them. You may identify a charitable organization that supports a course that you believe in, such as sponsoring a needy child.

AAC relies on support from well-wishers to run the institution and support important projects such as sponsoring a learner, improving the learning environment, providing learning equipment, and building our institution. You too can be part of this course to help us protect our young learners from the otherwise harsh reality of poverty, crime, child marriages, unwanted pregnancies, and more.

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