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Education in Uganda: Going Back To School

There are many reasons why many primary school leavers fail to continue with their education. For example, some of these learners languish in poverty and can’t invest more money in their education. Others, especially girls, get trapped in traditional malpractices such as early marriages and beliefs that girls shouldn’t go to school.

How Does AAC Help These Children?

Africulture Art Centre is bridging the education gap by giving learners a chance to learn life-sustaining skills such as tailoring and design, art, and computer skills. We believe that these skills are useful and give young people a chance to turn their lives around to evade poverty, early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, crimes, and other drawbacks in the society.

Our institution has opened doors for many youths who had lost hope of completing their mainstream education in different levels. We also support some of our talented learners who come from extremely needy backgrounds through attaching to scholarships from sponsors and well-wishers. Because of this, we motivate them to stay in school and assure them of a better future.

Our learners showcasing some of their work to visitors.

How Can You Become Part of AAC?

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