We Offer

  1. Art and Craft
  2. Computer Graphics and Design
  3. Textile, Tailoring, Fashion, and Design.
  4. Music and Music Production


We cover stitching, drafting, foundation shaping, machine operation, costume fashion and design along with book keeping and business management skills. Our trainings nurture creativity as well as equips individuals with skills to begin independent business ventures.

Computer Graphics

Our trainees learn computer basic skills and programing. Different from art and craft, here learners create beautiful graphics pieces. We offer training in applications such as Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, in Design and more other graphics software

Music & Music Production

Our Music and Music Production courses equip learners with basic music and instruments skills. additionally, learners have a chance of creating and producing their own music.

Art & Craft

Our courses cover a wide range of Art and Craft including, hand craft and mosaic art, painting, sculpting, wood work, pencil art, and much more. Art and Craft courses also give room for futuristic ideas and creativity.