Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is significant in the lives of women around the world. It’s a special time women celebrate different cultural, political, and socio-economic milestones in their lives, such as access to better healthcare and education, freedom of speech, and rights to vote. This day is usually marked with a different theme every year. In 2023, the theme is ‘Embrace Equity’, a drive to end the gender imbalance women experience every day.

Gender imbalance is a huge problem in most third world countries because of its deep roots in cultural malpractices and beliefs. For instance, many girls in these countries are forced to drop out of school and get married at a young age. As a result, only a few women attain high education achievements in third world countries, even though they have equal rights to access education as men.

Ending gender inequality is a collective responsibility of our society. For this reason, the Africulture Art Center gives vulnerable girls and women, regardless of their social status, a chance to redeem themselves through different learning life-sustaining skills. We support our female learners and give them a conducive learning environment to ensure they have equal learning opportunities as their male counterparts.

Rose joined AAC to study computer and graphics. Her skills are remarkable. She is often the first to arrive at school and once her classes are done, she runs back home to care for her children. At the end of her course, Rose hopes to get employment and earn money to support herself and her young family.

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