Introducing The AAC-CHEY Program: A Focus on The Health and Wellbeing of Young People in Our Community

Uganda has a significant youth population, but unfortunately, many of them face challenges such as high levels of unemployment and poverty in their households. As a result, numerous young people, especially girls, are unable to pursue or complete their education. Consequently, they find themselves aimlessly loitering around their communities, leading to a rise in unwanted early pregnancies and related health issues among these young girls.

Due to factors like a lack of school fees, many young girls and boys have dropped out of school. Currently, they are left without guidance and lack hope for a better future. Consequently, many have turned to antisocial behaviors, including substance abuse and drug addiction, which have detrimental effects on their lives and the generations to come.

Some of the AAC learners during a mentorship session

Moreover, those who are still in school tend to prioritize academic grades over essential life and career guidance. This narrow focus neglects crucial aspects of their overall well-being.

To address this destructive situation, AAC has initiated an inclusive program called the AAC: Counseling, Health, and Education for the Youths Program (AAC-CHEY Program). The aim is to provide educational empowerment and health support to various categories of young people in our communities, including adolescent pregnant mothers below 24 years, school dropout community youths below 24 years, and current school-going adolescents below 24 years. Through this program, AAC intends to offer health and medical support, counseling, life coaching, and educational assistance to these groups of adolescents.

Initially, the program will be implemented in our communities, targeting the pressing issues of adolescent pregnancies and unhealthy behaviors among both in-school and out-of-school youths. However, the goal is to expand this health and life coaching program to other communities within the country and even to other countries where the need is greatest.

Nevertheless, we understand that this is not a journey we can undertake alone. As we strive to shape and improve the health and lives of these young individuals, we invite other organizations and professionals, including doctors, life coaches, counselors, nurses, and midwives, to join us on this life-saving journey.

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