“A few people of integrity can go a long way.” Bill Kauth

Director and Co-Founder
Charles Muwonge

Many youths in both Rural and Urban Uganda lack access to the kind of education they deserve. Thousands of graduates with formal Degrees are walking the streets every day chasing the hard-to-find jobs, if there’s in fact any. The question remains; What can jobless people genuinely contribute to their personal life, family, community or country? Nearly nothing!!

Yet, our fellow talented youths with exposure to Art, Talent and Vocational Skills are thousands of miles away contributing positively to their livelihoods, families, communities and countries.

Throughout my life I have sought to find ways of bridging this gap through nurturing God-given talents, and AAC has provided the platform for each member of the society to change their future,

Let’s join hands to support and develop Art, Talents, Vocational Skills as well as improved health among children, youths and all community dwellers as a foundation for sustainable self, family, community and nationwide development.

Background: BBA, Technical and Construction Management expert, Program Management Volunteer

Board Advisor
Helmut Rohling

Every young person has an opportunity for a better life through AAC. The independence and sustainability that art and vocational skills offer the young African generation is worth believing in. Our success begins with passionately advocating for these alternative ways of opening doors to education and skill development to enhance self-employment and sustainability among these communities.


Having lived, worked, and interacted with the communities in Uganda during my volunteering days, and with my professional experience in Economics and Food industries in Germany and Europe countries, I have assumed the responsibility of uplifting the young and vulnerable generations facing tremendous life challenges.

The key to sustainable success in every area of ​​economic activity is Talent, Education and Training, as well as Health, Integrity, Creativity, Teamwork and Collegiality.

I want to work fully in my retirement and help these young people to shape their own future positively.

Background: MEcon, Economist and Food Specialist with several years in top management in the Food Industry in Germany and European Countries, Business Consultant, Charity Programs Volunteer.

Board Chairperson
Ms. Josephine Namugumya

In my years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Management, I have realized that talent sets apart ordinary individuals from extraordinary ones. Talent has opened doors for many people who never thought such would be possible.

Even though talent can be naturally occurring, without nurturing it, there’s huge possibilities of never benefiting from it in life.


Many young and vulnerable people are languishing in the streets in the hands of poverty, alcoholism, early pregnancies and violence, sinking down low with all their potentials in life.

I find pleasure in filling the gap left by expensive education options through taking part in the futuristic development of the Africulture Art Center . 

AAC is getting closer to the society, teaching the future generations on the many different ways of earning income through art, talent, and vocational skills, and I’m happy to be part of that.

Background: Current Director of Human Resources, Uganda Martyrs University, MBA, PhD Candidate, and other numerous qualifications and experiences.

Board Advisor
Gerda Rohling

Joining AAC is a passion-driven venture that I have for uplifting young people through providing them with access to the most ignored independent and sustainable life skills- Art and Vocational skills.

As a volunteer with a rich background in Finance and bookkeeping in many successful businesses in both Germany and Development Aid projects in Uganda, I value accounting for the time, efforts, and finances that are input towards developing AAC to serve every deserving beneficiary of the programs we offer.

I look forward to making a difference every day  in the life of girls, boys, women, and the disabled

Background: Business & Economics, IT and administration specialist, several years of Bookkeeping experience in well-flourishing companies in Germany, Charity Programs Volunteer

Finance and Health Lead
Monica Namigadde

I have seen a lot of young girls who are unable to access the satisfactory education due to their family backgrounds and forced into early marriages and teenage pregnancies. Some young moms abandon

 their babies because they have no means of caring for them. As a woman who grew up from a very humble back ground, and now a mother, I want to reach out to the girl children who are facing such problems for a better solution through AAC.

Background: Nursing and Midwifery, Finance and Accounting, vast experience working with health organizations, Volunteer.

Women and Girl Child Training Coordinator
Maria Naluyinda

Educating and empowering women and young girls is the best way of safeguarding

the future of any society. It ends early marriages, unplanned pregnancies, poverty, and sickness while improving health, sanitation, food security, among other great developments.

Background: BBA, Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology, Volunteer

Instruction and Training
John Kigozi

Art has always been a part of me, and the freedom it comes with is worth sharing. My goal is to give light to the beneficiaries of the AAC program that will

lead them to find their paths to sustainable and independent lifestyles.

Background: Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts, Artist, Art producer, Professional teacher, community development volunteer.