Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

 The Africulture Art Centre is changing lives one youth at a time. We marvel at the milestones our learners are making and their determination to change their future. However, the journeys are not always rosy. Most of our learners have many hurdles to overcome to attend their classes every day.

Here’s the story of two sisters, Resty and Ritah, who, despite the challenges they face, are showing their excellence and commitment to learning new skills in our institution.

Resty and Ritah live in the hills of Kisojjo village. Every morning, they have to walk about 12 kilometers (one and a half hours) to get to AAC in time for their first classes. Resty is passionate about computer graphics while her sister Ritah excels in fashion and design. When their classes are done, they embark on the same journey back home just in time to catch up with their daily chores.

Resty and Ritah preparing to go home riding their father’s scooter.

Being the eldest in their family, Resty and Ritah have many responsibilities. For example, the girls start their day by helping their parents prepare their land for planting during the rainy season. They also prepare their younger siblings for school every morning and escort them there before starting their own journey to AAC.

Their determination to overcome these challenges is inspiring. Despite the long and exhausting walks, they arrive at the AAC with smiles on their faces, eager to learn and grow. Here, they sit under their tent classrooms, hoping to rewrite their destinies. Although the tents may not provide the ideal learning environment, their passion and hunger for education shine through.

Resty and Ritah’s story is a reflection of the daily struggles faced by many girls in our institution. The lack of proper infrastructure, including a dedicated school building, poses significant obstacles to their education. The tent where they currently learn offers minimal protection from the elements such as rain and dust, making it difficult to focus and learn effectively.

Their journey speaks volumes about the urgent need for funding to build a proper school for these students. With a dedicated building, equipped with classrooms, training workshops, and equipment, Resty, Ritah, and all our learners would have a safe and conducive environment for learning. Additionally, the establishment of a boarding section would alleviate the burden of long-distance travel, ensuring that these girls have more time for their studies and personal growth.

By highlighting Resty and Ritah’s story, we invite our donors, well-wishers, and supporting organizations to join us in raising funds for the pressing need to construct a befitting institution for our determined learners. With your support, we can transform the lives of these resilient girls and provide them with the educational opportunities they deserve.

Every donation brings us one step closer to realizing this vision. Together, we can build a school that not only empowers Resty, Ritah, and their peers but also uplifts the entire community. Let us come together to create a future where all children have equal access to education, irrespective of the challenges they face.

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